LAHORE-Pakistani actor Armeena Khan on Tuesday took strong exemption to derogatory comments by senior politician Sheikh Rashid Ahmad against people related with film industry while speaking in a talk show.

She took to Twitter and asked, “Who is this man? Why is he using such abusive language against the #film industry? And more important why is such obscene language allowed on mainstream television?”

Replying to one of her followers, she said “Imagine, people like him are leaders.” “I am embarrassed for this man. I mean, how do you just sit there and make such statements without realising the wider ramifications. It chills me to the bone. I mean is he educated? What background does he come from? In the UK, he wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near public office,” she said in another tweet.

Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan also took this issue on twitter and wrote: “This person has been granted Sadiq and Ameen status by SC. This is distasteful for Muslims. This is a status only for our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH). Only for a lowly man who is clearly familiar with prostitutes. Will the CJP take notice of this! Please uproot this filth of Pakistan.”