CHITRAL-Police are probing a video clip that went viral on the social media showing harassment of Kalash women.

The district police officer appealed to the local people, especially women and children, to report such incidents to the police. He added that Chitral police have established facilitation centres to assist the women and children facing harassment.

DPO Mansoor Aman took notice of the video clip circulating on social media showing a man harassing a group of women by following them and nagging them to pose for pictures with him.

The two-minute clip was apparently shot in the Kalash Valley. It shows a group of women being followed and filmed by a man, who is allegedly a tourist. The women can be seen covering their faces to avoid being captured on the camera.

The women consistently tell the alleged harasser to leave and stop recording them. However, the man continues to follow them and nags them to pose for pictures. At one point, he tells an elderly woman who turns away as he comes toward her to face the camera, saying he will show her video to “his mother”.

When a woman threatens to go to the police, the man laughs and claims he himself is a policeman.

According to DPO Aman, the video was uploaded on social media in 2016 but remained unnoticed. No action had been taken since no one had reported the incident, the officer claimed.

Nonetheless, he said that police will request assistance from the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crimes Unit in order to ascertain the identity of the individual who originally uploaded the video. He said that he has directed the relevant deputy superintendent of police and station house officer to look into the matter and ask the victims to come forward to get their statements record.