Adding another footmark in the despotic trampling of the behemoth that is the Trump administration, the recent withdrawal from UN stands to be a decisive lapse of the political conscience of the once mighty defender of human rights. While Nikki Haley has promulgated the move decrying the councils bias against Israel- a caveat that does little service to USA’s inhumane stance on the loss of Palestinians lives- the political tantrum comes suspiciously a day after the U.N. human rights chief denounced Trump’s zero tolerance policy entailing the traumatic separation of migrant children from their parents.

The move is yet another in a series of Trump administration’s back-peddling in international agreements, multilateral accords and forums all under the president’s conservative-pandering ‘America first’ agenda. With its withdrawal from the Paris accord, U.N. educational and cultural organization, imposing trade tariffs, the Jerusalem-Embassy fiasco, and the Iran deal volte-face, the latest unfolding debacle brings Trump full circle in whitewashing USAs foreign policy.

There is no existing provision in the UN Charter for members to pullout, specifically to prevent withdrawal from being used as political blackmail, or to evade accountability. Case in point, the move reinforces the Trump administrations agenda of advancing Israel’s legitimacy on the world stage, and also adds to the smokescreen of evading accountability for its own heinous human rights violation at the border.

Where Trumps agenda repeatedly stands to undermine the authority and standing of international multi-lateral forums, it also seeks to dissemble the larger global humanitarian dialogue by politicising the Human Rights regime in favour of its allies and policies at home. While a complete withdrawal by the U.S. leaves the UN short of a resonant voice in the council, the remaining members need to maintain a resolute and united front in the face of Trumps one-dimensional and petulant politicking for the greater purpose of humanitarian justice.