islamabad - Angry workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) continued to protest the distribution of party tickets outside chairman Imran Khan’s Banigala residence on Wednesday.

Hundreds of workers from various constituencies have gathered outside Khan’s residence, demanding party tickets for their favourite candidates.

Carrying banners with picture of former PML-N minister Sikander Bosin, with crossed marks, workers protested allotment of party ticket to him saying that he is an established turn coat who after enjoying lucrative government portfolios in PMLQ and PMLN will contest next elections from PTI. The workers termed this a great injustice to the ideological workers of PTI. 

They demanded Khan to issue tickets to the candidates, who have been with PTI since the last twenty years and not to opportunists and para-shooters.

Many passenger buses have also been parked in the empty spaces of Banigala. These buses and passenger cars belong to protestors. They have been served food twice everyday by the managers, who are the aspirant candidates for next elections.

Few women workers who have come from different parts of KP are protesting against the nomination of party candidates against reserved and quota women seats.

Sheraq Zameen, a resident of Dir, said his twenty years long struggle for the party has been wasted.

PTI has not announced party tickets for neither those who were neither workers nor those who had any affiliation with party, how the corrupt turncoats will change our destiny, said Zameen.

He said, in his area, both PK-14 and NA-6 PTI leaders Murad Saeed and Mehmood Khan were granted tickets on the basis of personal liking instead of on merit.

Those who have no roots in masses and those who are not ideological workers cannot win elections, if they somehow, they cannot deliver, he said.

He said that less known Farooq Rehman for provincial and Mehboob Shah for National assembly has been nominated from his area, ignoring long associated ideological workers.

Muhammad Ramzan, from Multan said he joined the party after becoming fed up with the conventional politics of PML-N and PPP in the hope that PTI in leadership of Imran khan will deliver. It will eliminate hunger from the country, will bring prices down and most importantly eliminate the culture of nepotism, but PTI has turned into a typical political party now, he said.

They are selected on the basis of nepotism, said one of the woman participants, who refused to give her name due to strict tribal culture.

Many protestors left Banigala on Monday after they were assured by Imran Khan that he will personally review nominations and would ensure merit and justice. Some called off their protest on Tuesday while some are still camping outside Khan’s house.