A lot of hue and cry has been raised following launch of book “The Spy Chronicles” coauthored by former chief of ISI, RAW and Indian journalist Aditiya Sinha, which was published in India. While former RAW chief AS Dulat was a civilian, the head of ISI, was Lt Gen (r) Asad Durrani, who held this highly sensitive assignment between August90 to March92, privy to most sensitive information, which he under oath should never reveal. 

This is not first time, nor will it be last time that individuals holding important assignments are being accused of divulging sensitive information which can embarrass this country and help our foreign enemies to further their anti-Pakistan agenda. What I fail to understand is that these paid public office holders from civil and security services get more than adequate pension, lifetime medical benefits, and constructed houses with allotment of numerous prime real estate plots valued at several crores of rupees, all sufficient to lead a comfortable life.  

As long as such individuals are allowed to do jobs, they will always be tempted to reveal this information, especially when they work abroad. Contacts between serving paid officials of India and Pakistan, is part of job description for those holding important assignments. These contacts are vital to prevent undue escalation of tensions, which unfortunately exist between India and Pakistan etc. 

Lifelong restrictions need to be imposed on retired pensioners to do jobs within country or abroad, except honorary jobs without any remuneration whatsoever. They should never be allowed to give interviews or lectures to foreigners. Unfortunately few of our retired public office holders are recruited by Land Developers involved in illegal takeover of state or private land and other commercial organizations like PTC as lobbyists to get tax subsidies etc. 


Lahore, May 26.