MIRPUR (AJK)-Thousands of Kashmiri women have been gang-raped while over 7,000 Kashmiris have been partially or totally made blind due to the use of pellet guns by Indian troops in Held Kashmir in the recent past.

This was stated by veteran Kashmiri leader and member of the Kashmiri delegation Altaf Hussain Wani who is currently attending the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, says a message released to the media on Wednesday.

He was speaking on behalf of World Muslim Congress on the occasion over the United Nations’ high commissioner report under agenda Item No 2. He urged the body to act on the key recommendations of the report to establish an international commission of inquiry into the human rights situation in Kashmir. He urged Indian government to open the territory of Kashmir for international scrutiny.

“World Muslim Congress commends the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and his team at the Office of the High Commissioner, for releasing the first-ever detailed report on Jammu & Kashmir,” the Kashmiri leader said.

“The High Commissioner and his team has given the world a lesson in not letting political complexities stand in the way of doing the right thing,” Wani observed. “We commend the human rights defender of Indian occupied Kashmir for their cooperation with office of the high commissioner, risking their live due to state reprisals.”

He added, “Just look at the list of people in Kashmir who have been given new hope.” Wani referred to the countless victims of torture and extrajudicial killings by the Indian occupational forces and the victims’ mass graves across the Indian occupied Kashmir.

“The UN Human Rights Council report recognizes that Jammu & Kashmir is an international dispute and right to self-determination of people Jammu & Kashmir is protected under international law and paves the way for an urgent humanitarian intervention in a conflict zone that involves powerful armies and nuclear powers,” Wani said.

Lamenting New Delhi’s negative response to the UN HRC report, Wani said, “In an unfortunate and particularly cynical response, the government of India described the report a selection of unverified incidents whereas, on its part, the government of Pakistan has welcomed the report and expressed willingness to work with the Office of the High Commissioner on report recommendations.”

Wani said that this was an opportune time for the Council to start work toward ending Kashmir Conflict permanently, in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people.