It is quite alarming that in our country workers are not valued and also there is not workplace safety for workers. On January 6, 2016, the roof of ceramic factory in Gajranwala, sheikupiure road, collapsed after the boiler explode. The incident killed five workers and injured 60.  

In November 2015, a four story building collapsed in Lahore’s sunder industrial estate killing 46b and injuring over 100 workers. In September 2015, seven workers were killed and 30 injured when a factory caved in after a boiler explosion in Khakar, Mandi, Gujranwala. And also the 2012 Baldia factory fire in Karachi caused the death of 258 workers.  

The accidents reveal grave violations of building rules and of machinery and equipment standards. Boiler explosions are caused due to defect in design, bad workmanship and deterioration from use or mismanagement. The danger of this equipment, if not properly maintained, is well known. The data on industrial accident in Pakistan, gathered through media coverage, indicate that boiler explosions top the list. The authorities should look into this matter. 


Turbat, May 27.