ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court’s Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Thursday observed that corruption has plagued the entire Sindh province, adding not a single penny of provincial budget is spent on the public welfare.

He also lamented on the cases of Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV) in Larkana, fearing more increase in the cases.

While heading a two-judge bench, Justice Ahmed made these remarks during the hearing of the case pertaining to land dispute between the provincial government and Sukkur Press Club.

The court directed the Commissioner Sukkur to resolve the land issue of press club otherwise he could have to face the consequences.

The bench also said the next hearing of the case would be held at Supreme Court Karachi Registry after one week. During the course of proceedings, Justice Ahmed remarked that the HIV has made the condition worsening in Larkana and the virus could spread in whole the city if the provincial government did not take any prompt action.

He also remarked the multi storey buildings have been constructed in the hottest city of Sukkur but no facilities have been provided. There is no city around the world where multi-storey buildings have been constructed having high temperatures of 50-degree centigrade, he remarked.

Says situation regarding HIV spread in Larkana alarming

He observed that the drinking water is not available for citizens of Sukkur adding that people sleep without electricity.

He observed that crime rate increased in the city due to unavailability of facilities and opportunities for the people and every department of the province is suffering from corruption.

Addressing the Mayor of Sukkur city, who was in attendence, Justice Gulzar asked him to awake up now.

The mayor said he had made the master plan for the city and a review petition have also been submitted in this regard.

He said journalists filed stories of their own choice, They published news of only four people, he said and added journalists did not publish the news of poor and deserving people.

Justice Gulzar asked the Commissioner Sukkur that why he was not resolving the land issue. The commissioner said there was no place available near the current press club building.

The counsel for Sukkur administration pleaded the court to grant 15 days time for allocation of alternative land for the press club. Later, hearing of the case was adjourned for one week.

In another case regarding allowances of Punjab Traffic Wardens, Justice Gulzar observed that the police system across the country has failed and there doesn’t exist anything called police in the country.

He questioned what have the police been doing which warrants an increase in their salaries.

They remain involved in foul practices despite the fact that they are being paid handsomely, he added.

He observed that the government officers didn’t perform their duties diligently in a fair manner but remained worried about raise in allowances. “Most of the police officers commit robberies at night,” he said. “Crimes are rampant as people’s throats are being slit. Where are the police?”

“They receive salaries as well as bribe from people,” he added. Justice Gulzar said Punjab’s secretary finance doesn’t even know what his job is.

The secretary finance said the provincial government intended to restore the traffic wardens’ increased basic salary and allowances which were previously frozen for some reasons.

The bench directed the state counsel to come prepared on the next hearing and adjourned the hearing for two weeks.