Global warming is becoming a significant problem in today’s era, and it is hazardous to human lives. However, there are a few causes that can be labelled as the factors responsible for global warming. We, human beings, are responsible for the phenomenon. Moreover, we are involved in practices that can be easily categorised as self-inflicting harms.

Although we already know that they are harmful to us and our planet, we still practice them. For instance, we are using cars that run on burning fossil fuel. These fuels create smoke and air pollution by emitting carbon in the outer atmosphere. In the process of saving time by using fast modes of transportation, we have caused irreparable damage to the ozone layer as well, which protects human life from the hazardous rays that hit our planet. Also, because of excessive human activity, the green house effect is increasing, which is among the key reasons for the increase in the temperature of our planet. These gases are extremely harmful. They can even directly kill the people. Gases like methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide are damaging our ecosystem.

On the other hand, because of an increase in the global temperature level, glaciers are melting with unprecedented pace and ocean as well as sea levels are rising at an alarming rate. The rise in sea level will submerge many coastal regions. As a result of this, many people will be displaced. Also, the global temperature is now causing more floods than ever witnessed before.

Additionally, deforestation is also a reason for environmental degradation, as we already know that trees can protect us, but still, cut them for industrial use. These are the gifts of capitalism, which is ruling our times and lives. I request every individual to play their part in preventing the planet from becoming a place that can sustain no life. Together, we can subvert the damage done to the mother earth.