ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) on Thursday announced to have installed the outer safety dome on the containment building of 1100 MW nuclear power plant K-2 which was being under construction near Karachi.

The unit was the first of two nuclear power plants being built at the site near Karachi with the cooperation of China, said a Press release.

According to the spokesperson PAEC, Shahid Riaz Khan, the huge steel dome weighing more than 360 tonnes, was placed upon the top of the containment building walls, in a prestigious ceremony.

The Chairman PAEC, Muhammad Naeem, Member Power PAEC, Saeedur Rahman including other members and dignitaries from China witnessed the dome placement.

It was reminded that the first inner dome of the K-2 plant was placed in the beginning of last year and that of K-3 was placed on September 29th, 2018.

The Chinese designed K-2/K-3 nuclear power plants use double-layered safety shell.