ISLAMABAD - As many as 3,271 employees are currently working on contract basis in different scales in Pakistan Railways (PR) in different categories including Prime Minister’s Assistance Package and invalidation policy.

Around 2,655 employees were working in the department under Prime Minister package, 304 employees under invalidation policy and 312 working under contract basis, an official in the Ministry of Railways said. The recruitment of contract employees of Prime Minister’s Assistance Package and recruitment of those employees who fall under invalidation policy was being made since the policy was introduced during the year 2000 and 2005 respectively and the same were made without advertisement.

However, the official said that other contract appointments were made through advertisements in the newspapers as per policy in vogue.  He said that all formalities and policy were observed for recruitment of the said employees circulated by Establishment Division from time to time. He said that Pakistan Railways was understaffed, it needed around 22,000 more workers. The sanctioned strength of employees was 95,729. But, the department had 73,137 staffers on its payroll, he added.