Tariq Aziz, the man who could write music originating from the heart and the soul. His exquisite voice making him unique among his colleagues, enthralling and enchanting audiences. He was primarily famous due to repute as a one man show, improvising on stages with his delightful sense of humor.

Born on April 28, 1936 in Jalandhar, British India, he belonged to the Arai family of Jalandhar. His father, Mian Abdul Aziz, migrated to Pakistan in 1947. Aziz received his early education in Sahiwal and then started his professional life with Radio Pakistan Lahore. When Pakistani Television began in 1964, Tariq Aziz was the first male announcer of PTV. His stage show, Neelaam Ghar (Auction House), which started in 1975, took Aziz to stardom, later being renamed as the Bazmi Tariq Aziz Show. Tariq Aziz was an all-round personality, starring in films, as well as radio and television programs.

His film debut was in Insanity in 1967, which garnered critical acclaim. His other famous films include Birthday, Kass of the Time, Katari, Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan, and Har Gaya Man. He had received many awards for his artistic services and timeless contributions to his field and was also awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan in 1992. Tariq Aziz also participated in politics and was elected as a member of the National Assembly in 1997. In his will, he wrote that all his assets be distributed to the people of Pakistan, so that they may benefit from all that he had accomplished, for he was always there to please the Pakistani people.