We are the retirees of the National Bank of Pakistan. The bank had made different formulas in pension rules for retired employees. This application of rules had divided the retirees into various categories having the same cadre of their service, resulting in a number of anomalies.

One class of the retirees association had lodged a case for an increase in the pension formula from 10 percent to 70 percent in the Honorable High Court Lahore. The courts decided the case in favor of retirees under category one. The bank lodged an appeal which was declined. In order to stretch the case, the bank lodged a review appeal in the court, which has so far not been finalized and the bank is still paying millions to the council.

As such, we appeal to the worthy Chief Justice Of Pakistan to look into the matter and help those miserable retired employees who find themselves in great need of financial assistance. It is requested that category wise disbursement be taken into account if possible, with those from the first category placed at the highest importance.


Ex Vice President