PESHAWAR         -       Awami National Party has announced to mark 100 years celebration of Anjuman Islah-ul-Afghan that was founded by non-violent philosopher Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan in 1921.

In a statement issued from Bacha Khan Markaz, Provincial Cultural Secretary Khadim Hussain said that after Anjuman Islah-ul-Afghan, Bacha Khan started the Khudai Khidmatgar movement in 1928 which is still working under the banner of Awami National Party.

To keep his mission alive, the party’s Central leadership has decided to commemorate the 100 years celebration of Anjuman Islah-ul-Afghan.  He said the ANP would also announce the name for officer-bearers of Malgari Lekwalan (Association of writer) and Malgari Fankaran (Association of artists).