LAHORE    -DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan said that the personnel of Lahore Police are comparatively at more risk of coronavirus than any other citizen as they are performing field duties at pickets and at all important places of the city, dealing with general public, making them aware of coronavirus and containing their unnecessary movement in the city.

Ashfaq Khan said that all out efforts are being made to protect the employees of Lahore Police from the dangers of coronavirus ensuring all possible precautionary measures including germs killing spray and use of safety gadgets.

DIG Operations Ashfaq Khan informed that Lahore Police has distributed more than 01 lakh 32 thousands safety masks, pair of 01 lakh, 60 thousand gloves, more than 12 thousands 07 hundred hand sanitizers, 06 thousands 760 PPE kits, 04 thousands rain, safety suits, 35 thousand 631 soaps and 11 hundred glasses among its Police Force as precautionary measures against coronavirus.

Ashfaq Khan said that these masks and sanitizers were distributed among employees of Naaka Jaat, pickets and other points of the city.

He directed all police officers and officials to strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to precautionary measures regarding coronavirus.