BEIJING - India's relationship with its neighboring countries is always not smooth -- and sometimes, things turn violent and bloody, according to an article published by China Daily.

India shares its land borders with the neighboring coun­tries of Pakistan, Chi­na, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Afghanistan, and water borders with Sri Lan­ka, Maldives, Thailand and Indonesia.

In South Asia, India is the largest country -- in terms of territory, pop­ulation and economy. It is the fifth-largest economy in the world. But 21.9 percent of its population still lives below the national poverty line, accord­ing to the Asian Devel­opment Bank (ADB). India was also ranked 49th in the global pov­erty index last year.

More than 360 mil­lion Indians still can­not afford three square meals a day, according to a report published in the Week last Au­gust. Around 50 million still use open toilets in India, said a report by UNICEF. Last year, the overall illiteracy rate in rural areas was 35.3 percent, while the rate was 20.5 percent in ur­ban areas of India.

India has 15,106.7 ki­lometers of land borders and a coastline of 7,516.6 km including island ter­ritories. India shares its land borders with the neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Afghanistan. India also shares water borders with Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand and Indonesia.