Due to the pandemic, we have recently started taking online classes through Zoom. There are various issues to be tackled for a successful and effective online class. Although Zoom meetings allow sessions of forty minutes for free, class duration in most universities is often more than forty minutes.

As a result, the university should ensure that all accounts used for classes are upgraded to premium, so as to avoid any disruptions. Our class duration is one and half hour, during this time many student’s internet connections cause them to get disconnected and miss out on valuable information. Many students also face an issue with initially connecting.

Universities should ensure that they have their own online learning programs or systems in place to tackle such a situation. Some students from remote areas are actually without internet facilities. Some of them who want to take classes are even moving to bigger cities to avail such an option. The HEC and other relevant authorities should take immediate notice to provide students with the best possible means to ensure that they receive quality education and continue to learn during these trying times.


Azad Kashmir.