ISLAMABAD  -The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) on Saturday urged Prime Minister Imran Khan for fast track approval of drugs needed in the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation.

The pharmaceutical association   in a letter written to the PM has asked for the fast registration of drugs Remdesivir and Faviipiravir. The letter written said that PPMA would like to acknowledge the efforts of DRAP in expediting the process for approval of drugs that are required immediately to cope-up with the situation of COVID-19 in our country.

It further said that currently, Pakistan in particular and South-East Asia in general are facing the most critical time of this pandemic as the number of cases and mortality is rising on a daily basis with alarming trends.

The letter said “moreover, the most disturbing and concerning matter is that according to WHO and international health bodies, we have not yet reached our peak.”

“In this situation, the approach of DRAP for taking-up and approving applications for registration of relevant products on a fast track basis goes well with your valuable vision to effectively manage and control the anticipated misery the country is facing now and expecting in future,” said PPMA.

The pharmaceutical association said that the regulatory authorities of neighboring countries have adopted the same approach by facilitating approval of required drugs on an immediate basis needed for their population.

“We are sure that like in the past, DRAP and other government health agencies will grant fast track registration of different anti-virals and other drugs to ensure their timely availability and access to all tiers of population in the country,” said PPMA in its letter written to the PM.

It said that on behalf of PPMA, we again assure you to manufacture these urgently needed molecules with full compliance of quality parameters and guidelines, immediately after receiving their registration certification.