The announcement of reinstatement of the deposed judges was made by Prime Minister Gilani just before the break of dawn on Monday. The Prime Minister is chief executive and the head of government in Pakistan. I am unable to understand why some people were expecting Mr. President to come on their TV screens to announce the reinstatement? On one hand, they accuse Mr. Zardari of interfering and usurping the rights of Prime Minister while they want him to do each and every important thing on the other. Its true that President has the power of 58-2(b) and he also enjoys some other supreme powers but he happens to be committed to democratic norms. So he tries to maintain a balance of power between the offices of the President and Prime Minister. All the decisions made by the incumbent government till now clearly depict that there is no rift between the PM and President. -FARHAT JEHAN, Lahore, March 20.