QUETTA - Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani has expressed concern over US plan for broadening drone attacks to Balochistan and said the matter would be taken up with the UN if any such attack was conducted by the US. Talking to newsmen here on Friday, he said the drone attacks would be clear violation of the international norms and laws. 'Any such attacks would generate hatred against US administration not only in Balochistan but all over the world,' he added. He said that if Obama administration behaves like Bush administration it would surely damage its credibility, therefore, incumbent US admin should not adopt the path which is adopted by terrorists. He said they were against terrorism and condemn it in all its forms, he said, adding, he had met President Asif Zardari and took up this issue with him. 'The President directed Foreign Minister Mehmood Qureshi to take up this issue with the US administration,' he added. He said he would soon visit Islamabad and meet the US Ambassador to apprise her about the concern of the govt and people of Balochistan. Responding to a question, he said that there were two types of Taliban. 'Those Taliban don't exist in Balochistan who are fighting with the NATO and US forces. We have those Taliban who are peaceful and are studying in madaris,' he added. On a question regarding CIA's allegation regarding presence of Mullah Omar in Quetta, he said they should provide solid evidence and identify the location, the provincial administration will itself arrest and hand him over to them. Raisani said efforts were on to ensure safe recovery of UNHCR official John Solecki. He said the govt is also trying to recover the missing Baloch people. He, however, said that some of these missing persons are currently living in different parts of Balochistan. Agencies add: Raisani maintained that Baloch people will resist any US attempt to extend its war against militancy here. Raisani said people of Balochistan would oppose any expansion of the US war into their province: "Balochs are united and they will oppose and resist if drone attacks are carried out." The Chief Minister said Mullah Omar is not in Balochistan. "He is in Afghanistan, probably in Kandahar," he added.