ISLAMABAD - Inflation for the poor segment of the society has surged by 19.89 per cent during the week ended on Thursday as compared to the same period of last year but showed some decline on the weekly basis. The data released by Federal Bureau of Statistics on Friday showed that inflation based on Sensitive Price Indicator for the income group up to Rs 3000, soared by 19.82 per cent during the week ended on March 19, over a year ago while on the weekly basis it declined by 0.18 per cent. The bulletin depicts that out of 53 surveyed items, both perishable and non-perishable, showed that on weekly basis, prices of 12 items soared, 18 prices reduced and 23 have remained unchanged. The combined SPI-based inflation (average of all income groups) showed decline of 0.18 per cent on weekly basis while it enhanced by 19.21 per cent over the same period of the previous year. On the other hand SPI for the highest income group with monthly income above Rs 12000, the inflation soared by 18.48 per cent over last year, while decreased by 0.13 per cent as compared to the last week. For the second lowest income group (Rs 5,000 per month), the SPI on yearly basis soared by 20.48 per cent while for the income group of Rs 12000 per month it enhanced by 21.19 per cent. The following goods prices increased both on yearly and weekly basis. On yearly basis, sugar rates increased by 74.52 per cent, gur 58.41 per cent, Voil printed 13.84 per cent, electric bulb 60 watts 20.40 per cent, mutton 12.37 per cent, beef 19.84 per cent, lawn 7.62 per cent, cooked plate dal 20.17 per cent, cigarettes K-2 13.89 per cent, wheat average quality 43.92pc, cooked beef plate 20.13pc and bananas 12.65pc. The following commodities price declined on weekly basis but increased on yearly pattern: onions 272.34 per cent, potatoes 6.01 per cent, gram pulse washed 17.54, chicken 24.77 per cent, Rice Irri-6 27.15 per cent, masoor pulse washed 46.22 per cent, rice basmati broken 11.71 per cent, egg 55.5, LPG (11 kg cylinder) 9.81 per cent, firewood 15.89 per cent, mashed pulse washed 4.50 per cent and kerosene 30.80 per cent. The prices of following items remained unchanged in the last week but soared on yearly basis, wheat flour average quality 40.82 per cent, bread plain 28.19 per cent, fresh milk 17.10 per cent, powdered milk 17.24 per cent, curd 17.70 per cent, salt 19.81 per cent, tea packet 38.89 per cent, tea prepared 20.44 per cent and diesel 30.40 per cent.