LAHORE - Justice Syed Shabar Raza Rizvi, who has been appointed as inquiry tribunal, will start judicial inquiry into the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan team on March 24 and has invited public at large to appear before the tribunal to assist it. A public notice issued by the tribunal further says that the public will provide all sorts of verbal or in writing information and place any material to facilitate the objective appointment of the tribunal. The tribunal will start its proceeding on March 24 at 10am while the volunteers/concerned have been asked to contact Irfan Saeed - registrar of the tribunal from March 21 to March 31. Terrorist had attacked the Sri Lankan team on March 3 when their bus reached Liberty roundabout. Some eight people were killed while several others got injured including some Sri Lankan players. Serious security lapses were identified on the part of law enforcement agencies. Later a constitutional petition was moved in the LHC to hold a judicial inquiry into the incident but the LHC had dismissed as withdrawn observing that since the police had not concluded its investigation therefore it would be premature to take up the matter in court. However, the Punjab government took a decision to hold a judicial inquiry to bring out the truth and requested the LHC's CJ to appoint one member judicial tribunal. LHC Bar to support plea against PCO The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) has said that it would support the petition against the November 3, 2007 action of former President Pervez Musharraf who through it, had sacked 60 judges of the Superior Court now stand stored following a two years struggle. LHC Bar Secretary Muqtadir Akhtar Shabbir through a statement Friday rebuffed Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad's statement that the restoration of judges has come about after a compromise. He said it was not based on facts, and they did not resort to any compromise to get restoration of the judges, which he added, came about after a sustained struggle jointly launched by lawyers, political parties and others. "The restoration, in fact, is a logical conclusion of that struggle wherein the media played a nucleus role while the parties like PML-N, JI, PTI went shoulder to shoulder for this purpose," he added. Muqtadir said this end has been achieved after tremendous sacrifices given by everyone and when the historian would pen account of this movement, he would not ignore the role played by the parties. He said the lawyers in consultation with all stakeholders, would soon evolve a strategy for the betterment of the nation and the development of the country and in the process, consultation with the political parties would be given due importance. He said if the JI filed a petition against the November 3 PCO, the Bar would fully support that. Muqtadir has also congratulated Prime Minister Gilani for showing acumen and discreet over the judges' issue and also for his timely decision that has saved the country from a big catastrophe. He said foundation of a soft revolution has been laid after their movement has inculcated a unique awareness in the public mind about their rights.