LAHORE-The restoration of judiciary is an extraordinary success of a struggle which in turn has given birth to society comprising the people from all walks of life with independent judiciary as common denominator and goal. Led by lawyers, this society has political activists, traders, professionals, civil society, students, workers and even ulema who all rising above political and other affiliations now stand for the establishment of rule of law through a strong and vibrant judiciary capable of defying every influence and pressure from outside. It is beyond doubt that during two years long struggle, not only the movers but the judges whose restoration was the object, faced serious difficulties. But did not falter on their commitment with the cause. They all converged to struggle for the rule of law when lawlessness and injustices had made life of the common man pitiable. The success of the movement in this perspective, is not only a big hope of the common-man for amelioration of his lot but it is also force which otherwise was being wasted away under despondency and dismay. A struggle which had genesis in lawyers, became struggle of a layman principally for the reason, over the 60 years he had found from the rulers only hopes, dreams, and the slogans which never came true. The country became extremely poor and the number of people living below poverty level continued to rise, but the wealth and luxuries of the men in power never had a downhill rather continued to grow. The corrupt as well as those who came to power through unconstitutional means, never allowed the judiciary to exercise independence and tried to keep this institution under the thumb to see no-one barring their way to wrong-doings and dishonesty by way of misuse or illegal use of power. When judges of the Superior Judiciary were forced to take oath of PCO by the dictators in the past, they justified their act saying, no one would raise voice for them, if they had refused the oath. And it was true. But it yielded disastrous results not only for the institution but the nation as well which to-date is pressed hard. The March 9 'no' of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry reversed this cycle while November 3 occurrence gave it a new turn and force. Now not only the judges raised the standard of revolt against dictatorial steps but the whole nation got together behind them. People backing up the present independent judiciary just want rule of law and supremacy of the constitution. The deposed judges demonstrated an unflinching resolution on their stand in the face strong bait which the government had offered to others. Among other reasons one was the feeling deposed judges took about the public woes and problems while standing close them in the movement. Previously the masses trusted the political parties but they were betrayed. This time they have put all eggs in the basket of an institution which itself does not rule but has all powers to keep the rulers to strictly act under the constitution and the law. This order is tall but the masses want it to deliver otherwise they would also lose confidence in the law and Constitution as well as the institution widely considered to be their custodian. The past shows that anyone intending good to the people suffered. Z.A.Bhutto, Benazir, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan are the examples which fell victim to the internal and external elements when spirits of the former were high to serve the nation. In the observers view, such elements still exist to sabotage what interests the public and they would not try the game going against them this time too. They would try to change the public verdict. Anything which can check their way is the public awareness which now it at a high pith with the courtesy of media. Not that the judiciary strictly following the law and the Constitution repelling any outside pressure is another big help against this nefarious designers. Ex-President SCBA Aitzaz Ahsan in an address has hinted at such conspiratorial elements' coming into play to upset things. Justice Chaudhary and other deposed judges without any interregnum PCO oath, re-appointment and fresh oath etc, have come back to their original position which they constitutionally held prior to November 3,2007 and they all are competent in that position to look into the PCO and steps taken pursuant to it, as say the jurists. There are certain political issue which can be decided on the Constitutional plain. But majority view says, they should be settled at political level to let the independent judiciary deal with other issues of public importance. In order to sustain judicial independence, the method of judges appointment needs to be reconsidered. Jurists idealise the procedure prescribed in this count under the Charter of Democracy as the best. The Charter was inked by Shaheed Benazir and Nawaz Sharif after two years study to ensure democracy and to plug the channels which encouraged and legitimized the dictatorship. Both the leaders had pursued the police of 'forget and forgive' with a commitment never to look back into the past mistakes of each others to to serve the people. But some leaders violating spirit of this Charter are at present assassinating character of each others resuscitating the past. It should be shunned. When the nation has got a new awakening, the combination of independent judiciary, CoD, and supremacy of the constitution can provide a good solution to economic, social and other problems troubling the country very badly at the moment. So, let's make a fresh start to build the country, otherwise, people have identified their hidden power and awareness how to fight for a right and just cause.