Karachi (PPI) - The students of X class had to face severe miseries and difficulties during their examination due to prolonged loadshedding at various examination centres, PPI learnt this in a survey of various centres on Friday here. Annual examinations 2009, both for regular and private candidates of students of secondary school certificate Part II (Class X) general group began on Friday. The Board of Secondary Examination Karachi has set up a total of 476 examination centres (264 for boys and 212 for girls) at both private and government schools while loadshedding troubled the students during their examination, as the papers were held between 9 am to 12 noon. The students outside various centres lamented that the government has completely failed in controlling the crisis as the country witnessed the worst ever load shedding. "We had to face two hours of load shedding out of three hours of examination," said Iftikhar Raees, student of general group X class who took his first paper at Karachi Secondary School Nazimabad. "My concentration was badly disturbed due to continuous sweating and I could not write answers properly, he said. It was praying for the restoration of power as it was a total mess in the classrooms", he added. The other students also complained about loadshedding that they were unable to write their answers properly while they remained hyper throughout the exam. The menace of load shedding has started haunting the Science group students as well, as electricity outage increased upto eight to ten hours in some areas of the city making students' studies more difficult. "I have to take my exam on 24th of this month and I am facing severe problems to prepare for my examinations due to on and off loadshedding," said Ali Qamar, a student. "I have to do my tuitions in the morning and daytime and power goes off when I sit to revise various chapters at night," he claimed. On the other day I was also dehydrated while taking class at tuition centre, he said. I pray that power does not go off during exams so that I could take my examinations with full concentration, he said. Many areas in Karachi have started experiencing six to eight hours of unannounced loadshedding due to which the life in the city has crippled and students are facing enormous problems to cope up with studies. "We have received complaints from most of the centres that the students had to face severe difficulties during their exams due to loadshedding, said Khalid Shah, All Private Schools Management Association (APSMA) Sindh Chairman. The loadshedding has certainly affected the students at various centres at large, he added. "Even if loadshedding occurred at 100 centres then it must have troubled at least 4,000 to 5,000 students", he observed. "The timing of loadshedding could be changed as a preventive measure because the papers are held from 9 to 12 in the morning and 2 to 5 in the evening", he suggested. However, he appreciated that the exams have taken place in March instead of May because in May the severity of hotness and loadshedding is increased. "The Provincial Education Department will request Karachi Electric Supply Corporation KESC to do loadshedding after 12 O'clock in the daytime to save X class students from facing miseries during the exams, said Provincial Secretary Education, Rizwan Memon talking to PPI when contacted. Load shedding is a national level problem and everyone is compelled to face it while education department can't do anything in this regard, said Rizwan. "We don't have any other alternate as such to this problem and if you have any such alternate so please tell us", he added. However, he agreed with the fact that the timing of the loadshedding could be changed to save the students from sufferings. "We had no other alternate because this problem could only be solved if generators are installed in every school or UPS is there", he said. He added that the price of petrol is also so high that schools couldn't afford to run generators during exams. "But the department will surely play a part to request KESC to change their loadshedding timing especially at the centres where students are taking exams", he added.