WASHINGTON (Online) - A Congressional resolution has been introduced in the US House of Representatives condemning the restriction imposed on girls' education by the Taliban in the Swat. Introduced by Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney, the resolution urges the Obama administration, specially Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to influence upon the Pakistan government to ensure that girls in Swat get access to education. "In Swat, insurgent Taliban forces are currently imposing restrictions on girls' access to education, without any authority, and by means of force and threats of the use of force," says the resolution. Such actions run directly contrary to Pakistan's obligations under the various international instruments ratified by it, as well as under its Constitution; says the non-binding resolution, which has been sent to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs for necessary action. The resolution apprehends that this threat to girls' education by Taliban in Swat, could potentially spread to other parts of Pakistan resulting in the Taliban increasing its power in Pakistan.