Karachi (Agencies) - Former federal minister for Information Sherry Rehman has said that the nation should now move forward with a unity of purpose to put Pakistan on the path of stability. Sherry Rehman said this while talking to the media after her arrival in Karachi, where a large number of Pakistan Peoples Party workers had gathered to welcome her home. Stressing the need for setting aside mutual differences and work for Pakistan, she said, "The spirit of accommodation and reconciliation is essential in order to meet the tough challenges that we as a country are facing. With the politics of agitation and polarisation behind us, the nation now can move forward with a collective purpose to bring stability, security and prosperity to Pakistan". She said political flexibility, moderation and compromise are the needs of the hour. At a time when the bigger threats of terrorism and poverty are ravaging Pakistan, all democratic forces should work together to overcome these challenges in the spirit of national reconciliation and according to the Charter of Democracy envisioned, drafted and signed by our martyred leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. When pressed several times by the media to comment on her resignation from the federal cabinet last week, Sherry said her principled decision was a result of interference by certain ministers in the mandate and affairs of her ministry, which she could not have been answered for, as she was on record assuring journalists and TV channels of media freedom with Shaheed Benazir Bhutto while visiting a journalists' camp just a few weeks before her assassination. She was of the view that there was no need to rake up again and again why she had resigned, as it was the time to look forward. She said she was confident that all new officials would also adhere to the policy of media freedom. When asked about her removal from the party post of central information secretary, she said, "It was an internal decision of the party and I, in any case, had already served a four-year term instead of the usual two years." She said, "We all are the PPP leaders and know that our manifesto stands very firm on certain fundamentals. If we cannot strengthen the party and the government at this stage we do a disservice to Pakistan". She was categorical in saying that all institutional offices must be respected saying that PPP and its leadership, including President Zardari and PM Yousuf Raza Gilani, had paid a huge price for restoring democratic freedoms. "We must now focus on institutionalising the rule of law and all pillars of democratic governance in order to confront the very clear and immediate danger that threatens our way of life. Poverty and terrorism are the twin challenges we need to tackle through a concerted, multi-dimensional effort, and for this Pakistan needs stability at home and international support as well as regional cooperation."