This is with reference to the article titled 'The Indian Approach' that was published in your daily on March 18, 2009 by Sajjad Shaukat. I appreciate the logical reply Mr. Shaukat has given in this article to an item published in the Indian Defence Review suggesting Pakistan might disintegrate so that India could further her interests at our cost. Your writer has proved it with a number of examples that lawlessness in one country can engulf other states in the region. He is clearly elaborated how disintegration of our country, as suggested by the Indian Defence Review, will have traumatic effects for the region and would, ultimately, lead to unravelling of the Indian union itself. I applaud both Mr. Shaukat and your publication for revealing the nefarious Indian intentions which already form a part of the agenda of the Indian secret agency, RAW in Pakistan's tribal areas and Balochistan. The anti-Pakistan article of Indian Defence Review amounts to an official Indian admission in this regard. Finally, I wish to tell every segment of our society to unite against India as it is determined to destabilise Pakistan. -GHAZENFAR ALI, Lahore, March 20.