Karachi (PPI) - Deputy Secretary General, Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Main Raza Rabbani called up on all democratic forces within Parliament to develop a consensus to bring about appropriate legislation for implementation of Charter of Democracy. In a statement here Friday he also suggested the government to start a consultative dialogue with all democratic forces and consider formation of a Parliament Committee for its implementation. "The Charter of Democracy when implemented is a document that will ensure a democratic, federal and progressive Pakistan. It will ensure the supremacy of Parliament and maintain the tricotmy of power enshrined in the Constitution," he said. The Charter of Democracy comprises of 36 points. In order to implement the said points, amendments and or new laws/rules are needed to be enacted or promulgated. 10 of the points will require a Constitutional amendment, 11 points will require new acts of Parliament or existing laws to be amended or repealed while 5 points require amendments in the Rules of Business of the Federal Government, he said.