ISLAMABAD - Friday's spell of rains has not only dropped the mercury down but it has also given a halt to the fast changing weather. Masses across the sister cities welcomed the change in weather as a winter delight in the ongoing spring. The winter stock that was replaced with the summer ones came back to the business as heavy downpour gripped the city. The makeshift vendors set up special stalls for soups, "yakhni" coffee and burgers at different avenues in the markets and public areas to cater to the weather demand. Some residents who had dumped the winter stock had to take out their sweaters and jackets to resist the weather change. "You know I can't stand chilly weather so I had to take out my sweater. It's quite cold today," said Maruf at Jinnah Super Market. "But it's a nice feeling to sip hot coffee and eat fatty diet. A nice way to bid farewell to winter," he added. Another visitor Naveed said that the chilly rains in the spring were a beautiful combination of both the seasons. "Today's rain has reminded us of cosy evenings of winter. But it's really sweet as we don't have to shiver and quiver. It's just a light cold wave that's so amusing," he added. The pleasant weather change was welcomed by different segments of the society. "Thank God it rained otherwise the temperature was rising high and we were worrying that it would get really hot in the days ahead," said Mrs Saeed at F-10 Markaz. The masses throng to public parks and hangout spots to spend the day. "Chilly rains amid spring come only once in a while. They are really a treat to watch and we are making best of it," a group of youngsters at Rose and Jasmine Garden mentioned. Other than families, young couples were also seen sitting in the nooks and corners at Nawaz Sharif Park, Pirsohawa, Daamn-e-Koh, Shakarparian and other recreational spots to "celebrate" the "romantic" weather.