KARACHI - Defending champion Muhammad Sajjad of Punjab struck a fine form at the right time to tame Raees Khan by five frames to two in the first semi-final of Rs. 225,000 prize carrying 34th NJI National Snooker Championships here on Friday afternoon at Karachi Gymkhana. He won 58-41, 20-63, 65-39, 25-61, 65-43, 75-44,133-0. Sajjad is just a step away from the championships title which could fetch him cash prize of Rs. 40,000.His opponent in the final to be played Saturday would be either Sharjeel (NWFP) or Muhammad Asif (Punjab) ,two meet in second semi final late Friday night. Throughout the competition which has attracted selected thirty two players from four provinces, Sajjad had been consistent. However, in the semi-final he excelled and hit a break of 120 in the last seventh frame to seal a fine authority's victory. He began the penultimate contest against a determined opponent confidently, taking the first frame 58-41. However the same confidence was missing in the second frame when Raees Khan cast away the initial nervousness and won the frame 63-20 to even the frame score one all. The determination that Raees had shown in the initial part of the competition was missing in the next six frames. He managed to win just one more frame, the fourth one 61-25 before being swept away by a strong performance from his opponent. Earlier, in the quarter final Sajjad had outplayed Inamur Rehman by 5-2 score. Sindh's lone survivor in the quarter final Sultan Muhammad made his exit losing to Raees Khan easily by five frames to one. The toughest quarter final was between Sharjeel and Rambail Gul which went to full nine game distance and ended in favour of Sharjeel. Results. Quarter final: Muhammad Asif (Punjab) beat Imran Shahzad (Punjab) 5-3(10-72, 77-10, 64-30, 55-68, 02-75, 64-56, 71-42, and 64-48. Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab) beat Inam ur Rehman (NWFP) 5-2( 68-20,49-58,85-52,38-68,56-17,92-23,68-1. Raees Khan (Punjab) beat Sultan Muhammad (Sindh) 5-1(72-15,22-63,92-08,58-13,51-13,60-12. Sharjeel (NWFP) beat Rambail Gul(NWFP) 5-4( 17-59,61-43,6-52,53-13,68-48,51-79,62-74,71-36,45-42. Semi-final: Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab) beat Raees Khan ( Punjab) 5-2(58-41,20-63,65-39,25-61,65-43,75-44,133-0.