LAHORE - The long spell of power outage has irked the citizens besides damaging the business activities across the City multiplying the miseries of people particularly the students ahead of their scheduled examinations. Sources in the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) revealed that an average 8 to 10 hours power load shedding has begun across the country as the hydroelectric generation has dropped drastically following reduction in water releases from Tarbela and Mangla Reservoirs. They also said the rural areas are facing the worst power outage as compared to the urban localities as the PEPCO has started 12 to 14 hours power loadshedding in the rural areas and small cities. Long duration of loadshedding has made people's lives tough and miserable as none could manage the household problems, Nasrim Bibi a housewife said while talking to The Nation on Friday. "We could not send our children to school in time as the electricity breakdown badly disturbs our routine life. My children are very upset due to the load shedding as they are unable to make preparations for their examinations," she added. Muhammad Umair, a student, said the electricity breakdown unleashed by the WAPDA had caused disturbance in public life, which in fact has badly affected the abilities and working capabilities of the common man and students also. "We could not sleep at night properly as due to midnight power breakdown we could not manage to make preparation for the examinations and that, of course, effects our ability" he maintained. Mohammad Aslam, a shopkeeper in Iqbal Town area said that the long spell of load shedding has badly damaged his business as he has to close down his shop earlier, even at the peak time for earning. "My customers are going back as I am unable to take more orders due to worst load shedding in this area," Ikran Hussain a tailor in Johar Town area commented, when contacted. He was of the view that the government instead to unleash long time load shedding should make comprehensive strategy for enhancement of power resources by constructing big dams and working on hydle power generation projects to increase power production capacity. "We don't know when we will get rid of this menace," he added. I could not even press my clothes in one turn as light plays hide and seek throughout the day, he said. Jamil Mustafa, helper at a filling station said that he had to tolerate the harsh words of vehicle owners when he refused to fill their tanks due to load shedding. Ahmed Khan, a resident of Township area complained that electricity shortage in his area disrupt the daily routine. "Everybody is suffering a lot due to load shedding particularly the traders, shopkeepers and students," he added. He further said that the long spell of power load shedding has aggravated the problems of the masses as it often leads to water shortage in residential areas. A number of people belonged to different walks of life demanded the PPP-led government to take concrete measures to overcome the energy crisis so that the masses could take a sigh of relief.