THERE are shoes, and there are It shoes. But even as It shoes go, these Louis Vuitton ones are in a crazy, feathery super-league of their own. To say that every woman in London wants a pair is to understate the case: these babies have gone global. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Spicy. At the recent Paris shows, where the fashion paparazzi greet interesting accessories with the same enthusiasm as they greet Kate Moss, Spicy caused a bit of a fracas. Spicy, a beaded, bejewelled confection set with purple, green and orange stones, caused so much fuss, poor Alexa Chung was almost knocked over in the quest for a shot of hers. Other celebrities recently spotted wearing them include Chloe Sevigny, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham and, of course, Madonna, star of Vuitton's current advertising campaign. So why the furore? "I think it's popular because it's such a great shoe - it's really fun and jolly, and is a proper work of art," says Katie Grand, editor of Love magazine and stylist for Louis Vuitton. "Its birth was at about three in the morning, with Marc [Jacobs] cutting up bits of snake, leather, leopard and ribbon, and the design team making masks to put on the front. Nearly every pair in the show was unique, which I think people also like." The unique element is a big selling point, particularly in an era of mass-produced fashion. That high street stores churn out identikit accessories is a no-brainer, but with the economy as it is, designer brands cannot afford to be quite so unimaginative. - Daily Mail