NEW YORK - Scores of anti-war protesters on Thursday called on the Obama administration to end US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and withdraw all troops from the two countries. In the Union Square, where the protesters huddled together under the awning of a subway station for staying out of the rain, some said President Barack Obama, who had opposed the war as an Illinois state senator, is continuing some of the Bush administration's most controversial policies. Calling on the US govt to remove its permanent military bases and advisers from Iraq, National Director of the 'World Can't Wait' Debra Sweet, the organisation which organised the protest, an annual event since the Iraqi war started six year ago, also urged the US govt not to extend the occupation in Afghanistan. "Today, the occupation of Iraq must end," Sweet said. "They should pull all the troops out and stop threatening Pakistan even further," she added, while criticising that the United States is flying unmanned drones killing civilians in Pakistan. She said, "This is intolerable in the name of the people in the US".