Israels public insult of Joe BidenTel Aviv announced construction of 1600 new housing units in East Jerusalem on the day US Vice President came on an official visit to Israelis yet another confirmation of the futility of negotiations on the Palestinian issue. It has been six decades since the Jewish state unlawfully and unjustly usurped the Muslim land of Palestine by force, expelled its inhabitants, mercilessly killed Muslim women and children, desecrated Muslim holy sites including the sacred Al-Qudus Mosque. It has been almost forty years since the Americans came up with the 'Two-States solution for the dispute but the resolution of the issue remains as allusive as ever. It is time we realized the obvious. The US is not interested in resolving the Palestinian dispute; rather it wants to keep it alive as an excuse for its presence and intervention in the Middle East. The forgone nature of the US policy on the issue is evident from General David Petraeus desperate pleas to US administration to try to solve the Palestinian conflict because not doing so, he said, is endangering American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is time the Muslim world realises that there is no peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. A cursory glance at the wasted decades of the sham peace process is enough to prove this. The Muslim world needs to prepare a joint action plan for confronting Israel militarily, reversing the illegitimate occupation of the Holy Land by force and restoring the status of 1948 when the entire Palestine belonged to Muslims. -MOEZ MOBEEN, Islamabad, March 19.