PESHAWAR Speakers at Qaumi Aman Jirga held here on Saturday vowed to get united against terrorism and the parties and groups involved in promoting militancy in the country. It also demanded of the government to implement in letter and spirit the 'Peshawar Declaration for restoring peace and normalcy in NWFP and FATA. The Qaumi Aman Jirga was held at Nishtar Hall under the banner of Aman Tehrik, which was also attended by representatives tribal elders and members of different organisations including Jirga members of Sultan Khel and Painda Khel from Dir Bala, Buner Aman Jirga, Swat Aman Jirga, Orakzai Aman Jirga, ANP, PPP, National Party, PkSG (Azad Group) and students organisations as well. Besides others, the Qaumi Aman Jirga was also addressed by ANPs additional general secretary Hashim Babar, National Partys Central Vice President Mir Hasil Bizenjo, known lawyers Latif Afridi, Syed Ayub Shah of the PPP, Aman Tehriks Dr Said Alam Mehsud, Mukhtiar Bacha, Zahid Hussain and others. They called upon government to take concrete steps for eliminating militancy and restoring peace and vowed that no one would be allowed to use Pakhtuns soil for their vested interests, adding that Pakhtuns, as a whole nation were facing numerous challenges just because of the inhuman policies that had been adopted by the British regime. They were of the view that war had been imposed on Pakhtuns for what that they had not done adding that the militancy and continuous war had badly affected Pakhtuns. Hundreds of thousands of Pakhtuns had so far been killed and many more injured for no reason, while millions of others were forced to become IDPs within their own country, which they termed injustice. They maintained that it was a high time to get united to work for eradicating militancy and terrorism and pointed out that some organisations, parties and groups were allegedly involved in promoting militancy. They said that innocent people were being killed just to win the war on terror which should be stopped immediately, adding that it was a conspiracy against Pakhtun nation to eliminate their culture, values and traditions. Hashim Babar said that Pakhtuns were peace loving nation and militancy was a conspiracy against them adding that there were some elements, parties and groups that were backing terrorism and it was a high time to expose such faces to the people. He said that they would not be able to overcome militancy until they forged unity among their ranks. Central Senior Vice President of National Party Mir Hasil Bezinjo said that Pakhtuns were facing militancy and terrorism for the last 30 years and called upon people to get united against religious extremists who were behind this menace. Amn Tehriks member Dr Said Alam Mehsud said that concrete steps were necessary to eliminate militancy as it had badly affected our lives, culture, tradition and centuries old tradition. Later, the participants of the Qaumi Aman Jirga demanded of the government to fully implement the Peshawar Declaration in little and spirit, if the government wanted to eliminate this menace forever.