KARACHI - The access to information can help reduce financial corruption as some 51 percent corruption occurs in the tendering process of projects and procurement in the country. Through implementing the procurement rules, notified by the Sindh Government, country can save about $6.5 billion dollars annually, which is more than financial aid promised by United States of America in Kerry Lugar Bill, in return of Pakistans front-line state role in war on terror. Syed Adil Gillani Chairman Transparency Pakistan (TIP) stated this while addressing to a capacity building and training workshop on 'Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010. The event was organized by Transparency International Pakistan in collaboration with the Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority at local hotel on Saturday, and well attended by the officials of the Sindh govt and industrialists. Mr. Gillani said that Pakistans motorway police department is cleaned from financial corruption, and it has brought good credibility for country in the world. He opined that total corruption worth of $6.5 billion dollars occur in Pakistan annually, while 51 per cent corruption is being done through tendering of development projects and other methods. TIP chief claimed that there is crisis of merit in appointment and posting process and other government working in Pakistan. The former rulers, Ayub Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Ziaul Haq and Mian Nawaz Sharif while sitting in government had violated the merit in government sector. He pointed out that Sindh province is on top in the financial corruption in country. He advocated steps for access to information, saying that in system of easy access to information, there will be no need of accountability of the authorities. He praised the step taken by Sindh government in form of notifying procurement rules, and strongly suggested to apply the rules in all public procurements as otherwise it would be termed misprocurement and would be tantamount to breaking of law. The procurement rues were easy to follow and if any one needed any clarification, the Transparency International Pakistan would be willing to assist them, he said. Rizwan Ahmed MD of Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority highlighted the salient features of the procurement rules and said that Sindh was the first province to promulgate and follow these transparent rules. He further said that procurement rules will ensure the transparency, fairness, accountability and value of money in procurement process. Besides, the rules will help the government to control corruption in the public procurement process. Procurement Authority chief also questioned the present procedure being applied for procurement of medicine/drug, saying that the rules will also ensure procurement quality of medicines. The evidence lacunas in the process of procurement of drug/medicine as least price tender were approved in this regard, which indicate poor quality of the medicine, he said. He said that the procurement rules are replica of rules being implemented in Turkey, Bangladesh and European Union. Nazar Hussan Mahar Federal Secretary for Youth Affairs said that a lot of public money was wasted due to corruption; however the implementation of these rules would go a long way in curbing corruption in public procurement. He said that it was in the interest of both the individual and the province that the rules were implemented strictly. He also called on the procurement regulatory authority that they should keep a watch all public procurement process in the province and wherever they found any violation they should point it out and get it rectified. Former justice Haziqul Khairi said that government should strictly enforce the procurement rules as curbing of corruption will help in reducing poverty.