NEW DELHI (Agencies) In less than a month after an Indian government-sponsored advertisement showed picture of former Pakistan Air Force Chief along with eminent Indians like Sachin Tendulkar, a similar ad has gone a step further and put New Delhi in Pakistani territory. The shocker came from Indian Railway Ministry whose advertisement showing the route of the Maharaja Express went totally off the mark. The ad placed the Indias capital inside Pakistans political boundary. What was more shocking was that Indian Railway Ministers own hometown Kolkata was placed in the middle of Bay of Bengal. Indian railways advertisement published on Saturday in Indian newspapers. However, Indias Eastern Railway which issued the advertisement blacklisted the advertising agency after the blunder. Earlier, a central government advertisement showed the photograph of a former Air Force Chief of Pakistan. Prime Ministers office had apologised to the nation for this big mistake. The advertisement was meant to announce inauguration of luxury tourist train 'Maharajas Express by Indian Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee from Kolkata. A small box inside the advertisement panel showed the train route from Kolkata to Delhi via Gaya, Varanasi, Bandhabgarh, Khajuraho, Agra and Gwalior. Samir Goswami, Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railway said in Kolkata that it was a great mistake. We apologise for this and the advertising agency has been suspended, he said. Meanwhile, Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has condemned the ad goof-up.