An engineer by education, I had recently applied for the post of Emergency Officer (BPS 17) in Rescue 1122. I cleared the written, psychological, and intelligence tests. In the initial physical test, it was assessed that I was fit to run, jump, do push ups and perform sit ups. After all these tests, though, a clause of running a mile within a minimum time period was introduced but the time given to prepare for the race was just a few days. Furthermore, it was announced on the day of race, only 20 candidates, the first 20 to complete the race out of a total of 54, will be called for the final interview. All others, they said, would stand rejected. Instead of giving a percentage of marks to candidates who finished with a difference of few seconds, those who were not among the top 20 were rejected. I would like to be reconsidered for the above mentioned job along with many others who, I believe, have been rejected unfairly. My case is based on the following; 1. The clause of competing in running a mile was neither mentioned in the advertisement published in the newspaper nor in the application form. 2. It is one thing to be able to run and another to compete for run-a-mile race with others. 3. In Armed Forces as well as Police (where physical standards are tougher than the Rescue 1122), there is no such competition for recruitment of the commissioned officers. Besides, for professionals (like engineers), even these departments adopt more relaxed physical standards than commissioned officers. 4. The running speed of a person can be improved whereas his skills in engineering cannot be. 5. Running a mile is not the only criterion for judging a persons fitness. -MUHAMMAD ABDUSSALAM, Lahore, March 19.