ISLAMABAD Kai Eides Friday comments regarding dialogue with Taliban might drag United Nations into yet another controversy in South Asian region amid its already souring relations with Sri Lanka on human rights row. The former chief of United Nations Assistance Missions in Afghanistan (UNAMA) had said during an interview with BBC that Pakistans crackdown on Taliban leaders was tantamount to the stoppage of dialogue process. The statement supposedly settles some 'personal counts in stark deviation from official line of the international body regarding terrorism. The background talks with credible UN officials reveal that the statement has certainly not bode well with them. This is personal you see, he met Taliban in personal standing, the UN does not subscribe to the personal initiatives of individuals that they take outside their offices a UN diplomat, speaking from New York, told this correspondent on Saturday. He said that the UN might issue an official statement in this regard expressing disassociation with Kai Eides comments. It took over two week for the former head of UN Afghanistan to accept, after his resignation from the responsibilities in Afghanistan on March 6, that he was directly involved in dialogue with Taliban. This newspaper had reported last month that Kai Eide sought some worthy achievements to his credit, as UNAMA chief, amid some serious controversies related to his ineffectiveness towards tackling the key issues confronting Afghan political set-up. A UN report had revealed that one-third of the votes cast during last years Presidential elections in Afghanistan were bogus. The percentage of actual votes, according to the report, was even less than 50 percent (48.3 percent) yet the UNAMA proved totally ineffective to do anything substantial in this regard. Importantly, the international community, neutral observers, and foreign NGOs had criticised the individual role of Eide regarding the particular matter. Kai Eides stay in Afghanistan, after this event, took a flavour of personal preview who initiated some emergent yet hasty measures, which, according to a UN diplomat, were taken to undo the damage done to his repute subsequently involving Eide in secret talks with Taliban. The top UNAMA official had played an active role in envisaging peace process in Afghanistan reflected in the London Conference, held earlier this year. But his efforts could not get any worthy reciprocation with the London moot ending up without bringing about any mega impact and continuous 'encroachment from Indian and American camps into UNAMAs mandate causing serious disagreements between Eide and NATO command over Indian run militant camps backed by the US. A final 'blow to Eides efforts of 'reconciliation came after Pakistans security agencies launched a successful crackdown against militants arresting key Taliban leaders. Kai Eide cannot do much about it but to criticise these arrests despite that international community hails Pakistans current role against Taliban. Its personal score settling a former UNHCR Pakistans head currently living in Islamabad told this scribe while commenting on the issue.