In his letter that appeared in The Nation with the heading 'Energy at our feet, Mr Yasir Bhutto has said that if we drill at 10 thousand feet in Kharan, Thar and Makran, we might get super-hot water that could move turbines to produce energy. He has not mentioned any survey that could determine the extent and depth of the fossilized water nor told us if it could be pumped out and at what cost? Saudi Arabia & some other Gulf states have already tried to mine this sort of hot water to grow crops but in the absence of any recharge, have ended up exhausting the supply. Such wild goose chases cannot be afforded by Pakistan, which has surface water wetting our feet, capable of providing a renewable source of power as well as irrigation. All we need to do is to tap this potential in the form of mega hydro-electric dams like Kalabagh and Bhasha. Pakistanis need not be taken in by fairytale ideas like digging wells as deep as the ones for oil exploration to pump out hot water for power generation. That is a rather far-fetched idea that may not be affordable. We are not blessed with oil, you know -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, March 19.