LAHORE Former Olympian Manzoor Junior, who won gold medal in Loss Angeles Olympics Games, believes that a group of former Olympians responsible for the decline of hockey has once again started manipulating against the PHF. Talking to the journalists here, he said that these were those former players who were responsible of the fall of the game seen during the last 26 years. Mud-slinging on colleagues did not suit former Olympians just for personal gains, he added. He said that he is totally against changing of the present PHF set up because no one can give certificate of victory. There is no need of hiring a foreign coach and instead there is a need of improving the fitness level of the players to the international standards and he is ready to serve the sport in any capacity, he added. He further said that the people, responsible of hockey debacle in 1983, 1986 and 1990, should not be allowed to take over the hockey set up and they should instead give positive suggestions. He also praised the establishment of academies by the PHF and urged the positive development through these facilities.