IN a press interview, former Chief of the Army Staff, General Mirza Aslam Beg has talked about the Afghan quagmire, revealing the deceitful role played by the USA intended to ensnare Pakistan in it. He got it absolutely right when he asserted that contrary to the noises made by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi that he would work hard to convince the Americans to do more in the forthcoming strategic conference in Washington, it is indeed Islamabad which would be asked to clean up the mess, once the US has done its vanishing trick. Keeping in view how we had to cope in the aftermath of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, especially our so-called friend ditching us with invariably a variety of evils ranging from Kalashnikov culture to drug-trafficking, from which the nation continues to bleed to this day, his warning should alert us of the danger right in front of us. Likewise, he rightly stressed the importance of taking into cognisance the US game plan for Afghanistan post-exit, which, he maintained would be dictated to the Pakistani team meeting with the Obama Administration on March 24. This new agenda, he holds, is Taliban specific and based on the Maldives Plan, as it intends to oust them from power from 33 provinces presently under their command and therefore a fulfilment of this design would also be an injustice to the Afghan people. It is obligatory upon Pakistan to see to it that it does not agree to any post-war settlement that clashes with Afghan interests or with its own for that matter. General Beg also claimed that the notorious security firm Blackwater, renamed as Xe was invited into Pakistan by General Musharraf to carry out the cloak and dagger operations, which the ISI refused to perform. Given the challenges at home, it is exceedingly important that the Pakistani camp led by Foreign Minister Qureshi must not fail to do what he has promised: make the US do more.