Since yesterday, citizens of Karachi are hung to dry as the rift between KESC and PSO over furnace oil supply and electricity outage is played out. KESC management is willing to get furnace oil on credit or subsidize rates to run their plants but its supplier, PSO, is unable to provide oil on credit or subsidize rates because it is already facing serious financial problems due to the so-called circular debt. The painful consequences of the situation for Karachities are unbearable so some are naturally raising the question that if KESC does not have even the working capital to run its business, then how and why did its holders come to buy this entity? Moreover, the KESC is constantly hiring people on enormous salary packages, doing a lot of advertising in print and electronic media and a lot of outdoor advertising too. This shows that the entity has enough money to invest in marketing. I think if the KESC management reviews its administrative strategies and policies and invest their money in purchasing fuel and equipment for infrastructure maintenance it might be able to make some headway. -ABDUL HADI, Karachi, March 17.