KARACHI (APP) - The Karachi Literature Festival began at a local hotel from Saturday. The two-day event is being organised under the auspices of the Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan and the British Council Sindh and Balochistan. According to organizers, the literature festival, which is the first of its kind, would provide an opportunity to put Pakistan on the international map as a country rich in culture and creativity. They said that it will feature talks, panel discussions and readings from renowned authors from Pakistan, Britain, United States and India. Writers including M Hanif, Aamer Hussein, Mohsin Hamid and Victoria Schofield will feature in the Literature Festival. In addition to these, many Urdu authors like Shams-ur- Rahman Faruqi, Intizar Hussain, Zehra Nigah, Iftikhar Arif, Fehmida Riaz and Kishwar Naheed will also be the part of the event. It was also pointed out that this Literature Festival will provide a platform for the dialogue between Pakistan and the rest of the world putting the contemporary writing and thought from Pakistan on an international platform bringing modern writing from around the world to Pakistani audiences. The very purpose of the festival is to project the Pakistani writers and authors as well as the work and the research undertaken here. The organizers further stated that efforts would be made to organise it on annual basis and enlarge its scope in the time to come. As many as 35 writers and 15 moderators would be involved in this very event. The entry to the Festival would be free, it was further pointed out.