LAHORE - A petition has been moved in the Lahore High Court seeking ban on the US drone attacks on Pakistani territory, which are killing innocent people and the Pakistani government has become a silent spectator. A petitioner-lawyer Khalid Khawaja has filed the petition against the government of Pakistan submitting that the Pakistan government failed to protect the life and property of its citizens and innocent people are being killed by US drone attacks inside our territory. The petitioner held US President Obama and President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari responsible for the massacres of innocent woman and children who are put to death in drone attacks. The petitioner prayed that government should be directed to take a bold stance on the question of drone attack on the territory of sovereign state of Pakistan. The petitioner demanded that government should take up the issue with US government so that they life and property of the people could be protected. He said drone attacks started in Pakistan in 2005 and since then lakhs of innocent citizens had been martyred. The petitioner raised serious objections against the policy of silent spectator adopted by the federal government regarding drone attacks. The petitioner submitted that it is basic responsibility of the government to protect life and property of the people but the sitting government under President Zardari had failed to perform its duties towards the nation. He prayed that through court order the government be directed to use all means to stop the US attacks. The petitioner prayed that chief of the army staff be asked to play his role regarding stopping of the drone attacks by a superpower. He said due to the drone attack people are of Pakistan are getting disappointed the present of government if any in Pakistan which had failed to provide protection to them against foreign attacks. He said the US is killing our people and should be declare an enemy state. He said Pakistani army Pakistan possessed the capability of hitting drones but army will obey civilian government policy in this regard. The petitioner said US forces under the cover of NATO were conducting armed aggression against Pakistan on almost daily basis. Restoration of old-fare demanded The Inkar Tehrik has demanded of the government restoration of old-fare schedule that was 10 rupees stop to stop, at the public transport. Muqsood Mujahid, Azra Shad and Niaz Khan of the Tehrik said that they Tehrik had been protesting against increased fares since last month but the government did not take notice of this. They said now they were obliged to urge the masses not to pay the enhanced fare according to new schedule. NPT sitting tomorrow In connection with International Water Day, the Nazria Pakistan Trust in collaboration with Indus Treaty Water Council Pakistan has organised a sitting on the subject name of 'How to check Indian Water Terrorism at 12:30pm at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on March 22 (tomorrow). Gen (r) Hamid Gul will be the chief guest while Chairman of the Council, Hafiz Zahoorul Hassan Dahar, Coordinator, Malik Muhammad Tufail and Chairperson Punjab Fauzia Amir would the speakers on the occasion whena national award would also be presented to Chairman of the Trust, Majid Nizami for highlighting water crisis after Indian aggression on Pakistani water.