LAHORE - Unscheduled and impulsive electricity loadsh-edding continued to hit the City on Saturday, which caused massive nuisance not only for the residential localities but it also marred the business of markets. The prolonged loadshedding further aggravated the situation with the increase in heat wave. The shortfall of the electricity Saturday increased upto 45,00 megawatts in the country while presently total demand and consumption of electricity in the country remained about 14,000 megawatts. Traders community talking to the scribe expressed serious concerns over the unscheduled loadshedding as it was hitting their business hard, which was already marred due to security concerns. They termed energy crisis a result of the poor planning by the rulers who they alleged were busy in 'minting money instead of giving relief to the people. Traders said rulers are playing with the public mandate. Rulers have failed to comply with their promises with the masses, who always believed them and voted them, said Saifullah, a trader of Icchra Market. Naveed Ahmed, a trader of Naqi Market, The Mall said prevailing energy crisis is getting severe with the passage of time but the rulers of the country are trying to satisfy the masses only consoling them or by raising hollow slogans claiming that the crisis would end soon. The rulers gave deadline as well as announced time frame thrice to control power outages so that they could deceive the people with such political statements, he added. Raza Hameed, a trader of Shadman Market said that all the politicians united and did not want to see the Pakistan among the prosperous and developed nations of the world. They just wanted to strengthen their seats and secure their positions in the governments by hook or by crook and for that the rulers are using slogans of constructing various dams, reservoirs and hydel power projects in the country as part of their politics, he commented. Engineer Ayub Khan Mayo commented that the rulers of the country are puppets in the hands of America, Israel, IMF and World Bank while some of them are Indian agents, which did not fall in the list of friends of Pakistan. They do not want Pakistan a prosper and developed country with respectable position among the comities of the nations despite the fact that Pakistan is rich in natural resources. He said Pakistan have ample water in the shape of run of river which is sufficient for fulfilling the demand of electricity in the country if the rulers sincerely review the plans of about the construction of 32 power projects having capacity of producing about 40,241 megawatts electricity and are ready to be constructed in case such plans were being considered practically by the rulers instead of using them for their political motives only. They rulers must take stand against all the anti-Pakistan elements instead of playing in the hands of enemies of the country if they wanted the country to brought out of such a sever energy crisis, he concluded.