LAHORE PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif has called upon the nation to stand up against corruption and ill practices prevailing in the country, as Pakistan cannot afford any more delay. He also dismissed further postponement in abolishing the 17th Amendment, saying the government policies and its indifference to the problems of the masses could jeopardise democracy in the country. Nawaz Sharif said this while talking to a delegation of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), led by its President Qazi Anwar, at his Raiwind residence on Saturday. Nawaz expressed strong reservations over the role of a single individual in appointing the judges of the superior judiciary and said the Parliament should be made sovereign and powerful, and all decision-making must be carried through the forum. Outlining the role of judiciary, he said that reformation of the society and purging it of corruption and corrupt people was possible only through a bold judiciary. He said the goal of his party was to make the country free of corruption, provide justice to the masses and ensure peace and prosperity of the people, which was impossible without a free judiciary. Nawaz gave credit to the lawyers, civil society, media and the political activists for achieving the goal of an independence judiciary last year and said his party was committed not to tolerate the politics of duplicity and inaction. For that matter, he said, the respect and dignity of judiciary was of foremost importance to them. He said after the successful reinstatement of judges, the PML-N was now was making efforts to ensure merit-based appointment judges, which was also envisioned in the Charter of Democracy. Nawaz said his party wanted to ensure judges appointment through the Parliament on the recommendations made by an independent Judicial Commission. He said the PML-N would neither recant from its principled stance on the appointment of judges nor let the government sidetrack from it. Nawaz said his party firmly believed that an independent judiciary and Pakistan were organic to each other for the generations to come. He also condemned the attitude of former dictator, Pervez Musharraf towards Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and said, The rule of an individual is a threat to solidarity and integrity of the country, and for that matter, his party opposed authority to appoint the judges in the hand of an individual. Nawaz Sharif criticised the government policies and its indifference to addressing problems of the masses, saying such an attitude was threatening for democracy. He said democracy and independent judiciary returned to the country after heroic struggle of the people. He said the time had come to wage a war against the evils and corruption in the society as a matter of obligation towards protecting the national interests. Citing the examples of his party stance on the Kerry-Lugar Bill, NRO and the bank loans, he said the PML-N would continue to protect dignity and independence of the judiciary. He lauded performance of the present judiciary for recovering Rs 9 billion in the Bank of Punjab scam, checking the sale of Pakistan Steel Mills at a throwaway price and taking notice of alleged bogus allotments of land in Sindh where it also cancelled the bogus allotment of land worth billions of rupees. The PML-N chief said Pakistan was suffering huge losses because of internal and external enemies and asked the government to pay attention to constitutional matters so that comprehensive policies could be adopted to address the public problems. Nawaz said the country needed a powerful Parliament to enable it dealing with the challenges after mutual consultation and exchange of views instead of individual decisions. The PML-N, he said, was fully aware of its responsibilities for protecting the democracy. The problems like corruption, spiralling prices, unemployment and non-availability of the basic facilities to the poor were intolerable and required due attention.