ISLAMABAD - Overseas Employment Promoters Association (OEPA) has requested the government to break the monopoly of medical centres that have caused cancellation of six overseas promoters licences by Saudi Embassy. It is pertinent to mention here that Saudi Arabia has put a condition on all the visa applicants that to obtain their visa, they must hold medical clearance that they are not suffering from any kind of severe disease. For the purpose there are medical centres having licences. But as per OEPA those centres are exploiting the promoters by disqualifying many who are originally not suffering from any disease. According to a statement, OEPA chairman Muhammad Sadique Khan also accused the staff employed in Pakistani Embassies abroad of creating hurdles in the export of the Pakistani manpower to different countries. He said that OEPA was playing an important role in bringing foreign exchange. We contribute more than 42 percent of the foreign exchange, he said adding that millions of people had been sent abroad whose remittances play a vital role in economic uplift of the country. He added that despite contributing huge foreign exchange, Ministry of Labour and Manpower had not extended any kind of support to the promoters to resolve the issue. He said that medical centres engaged in giving medical certificates to the people going abroad were charging high rates and there was no check and control on the quality of services provided by them. He demanded of the government to restore the licenses of promoters which have been blacklisted due to monopoly of hospitals. It was also demanded of the government that it should play its role to resolve the said issue of promoters with the embassy. It is responsibility of the government to talk the embassy and search for some out of the box solution that could serve the interests of all stakeholders.