LAHORE (APP) - Pak-India Business Council (PIBC) has supported the demand of APTMA to import cotton from India to overcome yarn export problem in the country. All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has rightly pointed out that importing cotton from USA,Brazil and other countries is not only expensive but also time consuming, therefore the option of importing cotton from India should be utilized, said Chairman PIBC Noor Muhammad Kasuri in a statement here on Saturday. He said that PIBC has always been a strong supporter of expanding trade relations with India for political and economic stability in the region. APTMA, which represents major industrial sector of Pakistan, has also endorsed the view point of Pak-India Business Council (PIBC) that India can be a better trade partner for Pakistan as compared to other far situated countries, Kasuri said. He suggested that the public sector must come forward and install plants for fertilizer, cement, sugar, power and other sectors to create a balance between private and public sector which would result in reduced prices.