LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has underscored the need for introducing such a system in the country which could ensure equal rights to the people without discrimination of caste, colour and creed as well as equitable distribution of resources. He said if the complicated issue of National Finance Commission Award could be resolved amicably why inter-provincial disputes could not be settled with the same spirit. According to him, the lost glory of the country can be regained if we devote ourselves for the service of humanity selflessly, and work hard honestly for cause of the country. He stated this while addressing 22nd Gold Medals Distribution Ceremony of Nazria Pakistan Trust and Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust to the Pakistan Movement workers at Aiwan-e-Karkunan-e-Tehrik-e- Pakistan. Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami, Federal Minister for Defence Production Abdul Qayyum Jatoi, Members of National and Provincial Assemblies and workers of Pakistan Movement from all over the country were present. The Chief Minister said Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of its chequered history wherein we are facing problems of terrorism and extremism. Without eliminating the menace of terrorism, neither peace could be maintained nor can investment be geared in the country, he added. He said in addition to perpetrating atrocities, Musharraf regime was responsible for unleashing poverty, unemployment, ignorance, injustice and inequitable distribution of national wealth which remain now the main causes of terrorism. He said if we continued taking dictation from aliens, God forbid, Quaids Pakistan would lose its real identity. He said if we are determined to put the country on the road to progress and get rid of foreign aid, only then we desist foreign pressure and proudly take a stand vis-a-vis our policies for safeguarding national interests. He maintained that at present India is not ready for meaningful dialogue with Pakistan and the water issue is becoming a serious problem of the country. In such a situation, we will have to forge unity and solidarity in our ranks to resolve these issues. He said people of NWFP are fighting the war of countrys survival and rewriting the history by making unprecedented sacrifices with their blood and there is no service greater than it. According to him, Pakistan is rich in resources and the nation is hardworking and it has imbibed the spirit of honesty to build a new Pakistan. Pakistanis are competent enough to do as they have already achieved a commendable place abroad by the their hard work, he added. Shahbaz Sharif said under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan was created after invaluable sacrifices so that every citizen has equal rights and can lead life in accordance with the Islamic teachings. He said despite lapse of 63 years, we failed to make Pakistan an Islamic, democratic and welfare state in accordance with the vision of the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. The Pakistani elite is different from the poor Pakistanis. The land grabbers are usurping the rights of the poor people while the poor are running pillar to post for justice. We should have reviewed this situation much earlier and given respect to the people whose forefathers made sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan. He said it is a great honour for him to participate in the ceremony, adding that because of the sacrifices of these workers we got freedom from Hindus and the British. He said that we have not implemented in letter and spirit the real notion of the sacrifices made by these workers, but are enjoying the fruits of freedom as a result of their struggle. Chairman Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami while addressing the ceremony said Pakistan came into being under Two-Nation Theory. He stressed the need for including Two-Nation Theory in the curriculum so that youth of the country could imbibe the spirit of the sacrifices, made for the establishment of Pakistan. He said India never accepted the partition of sub-continent whole-heartedly and even today it is hell-bent upon converting Pakistan into a desert and is constructing dams on the rivers coming from Kashmir but we are silently seeing this to happen. We are an atomic power and we should prevent India by force not to do so. He regretted the fact that Mian Nawaz Sharif has removed all Muslim League office bearers. Bacha Khan was against Pakistan but the Muslim League is having sympathy for the ANP which is not accepted for Muslim Leaguers. The renaming of NWFP as Pakhtoonkhawa Abaseen would be a treason against Pakistan. He urged Shahbaz Sharif to tell Nawaz Sharif not to change the name of Sarhad as it mount to accepting Pakhtoonkhwah. Let Pakistan remain Pakistan and do not amend it with Pakhtoonkhawa. He said the issue of unification of Muslim League often perturbs him. It must unite and it can only bring out the country from crisis. He said PML-N and PML-Q should forget their differences. Nawaz Sharif used to stay at the residence of Ch Shujaat. Why had he been staying there if he was so bad, he added. Majid Nizami said: Let Nawaz Sharif make friendship with younger brothers of Ch Shujaat for the greater interest of the country. Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Chairman Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami gave away gold medals to workers of Pakistan Movement. Workers who were given gold medals also spoke on this occasion included Malik Barkat Ali, Syed Ghulam Muhammad Shah, Ch Muhammad Hussain Chattha, Rai Shahadat Khan, Syed Naubahar Shah, Sheikh Fazal Haq Peracha, Ch Ghulam Rasool Tarar, Raja Sarfraz Ali Khan, Sardar Nasrullah Khan Jatoi, Mahar Muhammad Khan Kathia, Ch Atta Muhammad, Mian Ghulam Jillani Gormani, Abdul Ghafoor, Nasim Hijazi, Syed Fasih Iqbal, Ch Muhammad Ashraf Khan, M.K.Anwar Baghdadi, Pir Sofi Muhammad Abdullah Khan, Nadeem Niazi, Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad, Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi, Sheikh Muhammad Hussain (late), Haji Abdul Aziz (late), Muhammad Azeem Khan, Ch Zafarullah Khan, Haji Abdul Latif Ansari, Qazi Muhammad Zakiuddin (late), Ch Abdul Haq (late), Rana Abdul Waheed (Alig), Agha Sher Nawab Khan Durrani (late), Ch Muhammad Ali (late), Maualana Muhammad Bashir Kotli, Brig (retd) Saadullah Khan, Anwar Hussain Qadri, Qazi Moeenuddin Ahmad, Dr SAH Akhtar, Cap (retd) Inayatullah, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Hazarvi, Ch Sardar Khan Baghori, Haji Baba Abdul Karim Khan, Babu Muhammad Iqbal Butt (late), Aljaj Shamimuddin, Muhammad Usman Hashmi, Brig (retd) Qamarul Islam Khan, Syed Mohayudding Qadri Moheet, Prof Shariful Mujahid, Prof Husnain Kazmi, Wazirzada Gull Muhammad Khan, Dr M.A.Sufi, Sardar Abdul Aziz Bungesh (late), Amaduddin Ansari, Prof Dr Inamul Haq, Muhammad Afzal Bari, Mian Muhammad Mazoor Ali, Sardar Ahmad Ali, Altaf Hussain, Mohtarma Razaullah Begum, Mohtarma Begum Umatul Aziz, Mohtarma Begum Anjuman Ara, Mohtarma A.T.Sadi, Syed Hassan Riaz, Justice Hamoodur Rahman, Hamidul Haq Chaudhry, Nawab Siddiqui Ali Khan, Abdul Rahman Siddiqui, Master Abdul Hafiz, Abdul Alool Khan, Maulana Abdul Qaddus Behari, and Dr Abdul Mutlaq. Earlier, Chairman Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust Col (r) Jamshed Tarin in his welcome address said that the measures adopted by CM Punjab for the welfare and health of workers. He praised Majid Nizami for his untiring efforts towards the welfare of Pakistan movement workers. He congratulated Majid Nizami on the 70th anniversary of Nawa-i-Waqt. He said the gold medallists had become staunch supporters of Quaid-e-Azam in the time of trial, which led to creation of Pakistan. He hoped that the new generation will follow their footprints and make Pakistan strong. NPT Trustee Farooq Altaf presented his report. He said we have to follow the Quaid if we want to save Pakistan. Federal Minister for Defence Production Abdul Qayyum Jatoi said Nazria Pakistan was alive. Negation of this nazria damaged Pakistan. He said those who sided with the British now sided with the dictators. He defined nazria as Islamic, democratic welfare state. Former Punjab Chief Minister Mian Afzal Hayat felicitated Majid Nizami for giving awards to the workers and also for enriching the souls of young generation with Nazria Pakistan.